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Why You Should Think Twice Before Voting Yes for Medical Marijuana

CASAColumbia fully supports the use of marijuana-based medications that have undergone the FDA’s comprehensive drug approval process. We also encourage more research on the value of marijuana for medical purposes. But we remain wary of state legalization of medical marijuana, especially in forms that are not medically appropriate and are not properly regulated.

Dabbing: What You Need to Know About the Latest Marijuana Craze

Have you heard of dabbing? Dubbed the "crack of pot,” dabbing is a form of consuming highly concentrated marijuana in a vaporized form and has been described as freebasing marijuana in popular media outlets. Once an underground practice, this dangerous trend has gained popularity in recent months and could change the culture of marijuana use. 

Small Town Dialogue Over Marijuana Legalization in Washington State Rings True Nationally

Thirty miles south of Seattle, the small town of Fife is facing a lawsuit over the recent marijuana legalization law. Though you can sell marijuana in the state, the town of ten thousand has decided to ban retailers from opening up in their jurisdiction. The city council cites worries that too many retailers will open and that the extra tax money generated will not be returned to the city. One retailer protested that this was in violation with state law and brought the city to court. A county judge upheld the city’s right to ban sales within city limits, but the case is expected to go to the state Supreme Court later this year.

New Study to Track Effects of Marijuana on 10,000 Teens Over 10 Years

A new study will follow 10,000 U.S. adolescents, from the time they are 10 until they are 20 years old, to evaluate the effects marijuana and other drug use will have on them. The study, funded by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), will use brain imaging technology to examine the changes that occur in adolescents’ brains over this time period. 

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