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Naloxone, or Narcan, is used by first responders across the country to save lives when someone overdoses on opioids like heroin or prescription pills. Naloxone is an overdose reversal drug, but it is not treatment for addiction. This fact is often misunderstood: many people confuse naloxone as a treatment for opioid addiction. Rather, naloxone is more like a defibrillator – jump starting the heart after a heart attack. When people only use naloxone after an overdose without treatment, they are very likely to continue using opioids, and are at high risk of overdosing again

You may know of ketamine by its street name “Special K,” and you may be aware that it can produce dreamlike and hallucinogenic effects. You may also know that ketamine is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an anesthetic. But did you know that ketamine is now being prescribed to treat mood disorders like depression?

Dr. Foote, Co-Founder and Executive Director at the Center for Motivation and Change (CMC) in New York, spoke during our Addiction Speaker Series about the organization’s national peer-to-peer parent coaching network for treatment of substance use, compulsive behavior disorders and trauma. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Foote about CMC’s work. 

Can the alcohol industry genuinely care about the health of its customers when its primary business objective is to gain revenue from one of the most harmful substances and when most profits are made off of people with drinking problems?

Welcome to Five Minutes With, where we take a few moments to get to know the staff at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. Today we’d like to introduce Marcus Daugherty, Assistant Director of Healthcare Reform Consultation, MA, LMHC.

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