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Spring break isn’t all fun and games

Spring break isn’t all fun and games


Spring break, that coveted week off from tests and papers that all students look forward to, has long been viewed as a time to put away the books and break out the beer, pills and pot. While taking time to relax is important, college student drinking and other drug use have serious consequences.

College Students & Drinking

Surveys by CASAColumbia and others find:

  • Over 80% of college students have drunk alcohol
  • Over half have been drunk
  • Over two-thirds are current drinkers

College Students Are Using a Wide Range of Drugs

But alcohol isn’t the only problem:

  • Half of all college students have used marijuana. 
  • About a quarter have used another illicit drug
  • And two-fifths have smoked cigarettes

College students are likely to use multiple drugs in risky ways. Substance use during the period of brain development, which continues through the mid-20s, dramatically increases the risk of other substance use and addiction.

Time for Change

Each year more than 1,800 college students die from alcohol related injuries, almost 100,000 students are victims of alcohol related sexual assaults or date rape and close to 700,000 students are assaulted by other students who were drinking. Almost one quarter of America’s college students already meet medical criteria for addiction.

Bottom line: As students head to Florida, Mexico and other sunny locales to celebrate Spring Break, it’s important to remember any substance use increases the risk of serious harm and the risk of other substance use and addiction.

For more information on addiction and college students please click here


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