Share Your #myfamilyselfie in Celebration of Family Day | Center on Addiction

Share Your #myfamilyselfie in Celebration of Family Day

Share Your #myfamilyselfie in Celebration of Family Day

Every year, Center on Addiction hosts Family Day, a national initiative created to promote acts of parental engagement to help prevent teen substance use and raise healthy, resilient kids.

It’s Simple, Easy and Fun

You may be asking, “How do I celebrate Family Day?” The answer is easy. This year on Family Day, September 26, 2016, we’re asking you to eat a meal or do some other activity together. Take a photo or video with everyone enjoying time together, and post it on your favorite social media channels using #myfamilyselfie. Then, tag two friends who you challenge to also post a #myfamilyselfie photo later that week!

With your participation, Family Day can help increase awareness of the value of family bonding.

The Story Behind #myfamilyselfie

The foundation of this campaign is the simple, yet powerful fact that regular family meals and other regular, shared activities can have long-term positive effects on children’s health and happiness. Center on Addiction conducted more than a decade of surveys showing the connection between parental engagement and teens being:

  • Less likely to use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs
  • Less likely to be highly stressed
  • More likely to have an excellent relationship with their parents
  • More likely to say it’s easy to talk to their parents

Family dinners are just one way to create a better home environment for children of all ages. We recognize that not all parents can make it to family dinner. What’s most important is creating regular opportunities to connect with your children and to observe, listen and learn about what’s going on in their lives and increase family bonding. And the research supports the fact that family engagement throughout a child’s life can have a tremendous, positive impact.

We’d like to thank our presenting sponsor, The Coca-Cola Company, for their generous support of Family Day 2016!


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