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Our Family Day Program Has a New Look – And So Much More!

Our Family Day Program Has a New Look – And So Much More!

Family Day will be here soon! But even before the big day arrives, you and your family can begin celebrating by checking out our brand new Family Day website!

We worked to make the new Family Day website a destination for parents, community groups, and corporations who want to get involved in this fantastic celebration. For the past year, CASA has redesigned the entire Family Day program. This wasn’t accomplished by just enhancing and improving our website. We also worked with drug prevention experts, taking an in-depth view of the science behind healthy families, and getting to the core of what Family Day is all about.

The more we researched drug use and spoke to parents, the more we realized that strong family relationships are the key to preventing drug use – and much more. Positive parental guidance from when children are very young up until the teen years helps kids develop the skills they need to feel confident and resilient. We also came to understand that sometimes, parents need guidance themselves.

With this in mind, we set out to take the science and make it accessible for as many parents as possible. We believe that positive parenting is something everyone can and should do. With the Family Day program, we know we’ve accomplished exactly that. Take a look at our website and see how you can transform your relationship with your children. Download our NEW Parent Toolkit – a guide, which includes a variety of tools to help parents foster and maintain warm, supportive relationship with their children.

You can also share your #MyFamilySelfie with us. Remember, every family is unique. Show us how your family spends time together by posting a photo or video on social media using #MyFamilySelfie.

If you’re a community group, download our NEW Community Group Toolkit – a guide which includes a variety of tools to build excitement around Family Day and any activities planned for the occasion. You can also order materials to distribute around your community here and you can promote Family Day in your printed and digital communications with help from our Family Day Communications Guide.

Corporations can also visit the site to learn how to become a Family Day Sponsor, how to bring Family Day to their employees, and how to bring Family Day to their customers.

Make everyday special with Family Day!

This year Family Day is on Monday, September 25th. We look forward to celebrating with you in 2017 and for many years to come. 


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