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Legalizing Marijuana May Put Children in Danger

Legalizing Marijuana May Put Children in Danger

Legalizing marijuana may put our children in danger, according to a May 28 article in Time Magazine. CASAColumbia’s Senior Medical Advisor, Dr. Jayaram Srinivasan, wrote a letter to the editor applauding the magazine for drawing attention to this fact. In it he outlined the perils of legalization. Here are several things that must be considered as states consider legalization:

  • Legalizing marijuana may make it more easily available to children during a critical period of brain development. Policymakers who choose to pass laws that may increase the availability of marijuana must be certain to implement effective prevention policies.
  • The risk of addiction increases when people first use substances, including marijuana, at younger ages.  
  • We are already unsuccessful in keeping children away from legal addictive substances and legalizing marijuana will not help. 

For more information on the link between addiction and adolescence, take a look at CASAColumbia’s report Adolescent Substance Use: America’s #1 Public Health Problem


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