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Help and Support for Parents and Caregivers is Here

Help and Support for Parents and Caregivers is Here


As of January 1, 2019, we have merged with Partnership For Drug-Free Kids to bring together Partnership’s expertise, including direct-to-family resources, and our legacy of groundbreaking research. We’re currently busy combining our tools and assets under one bigger and better umbrella, but this work takes time, and we know parents and families need help today.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling or other caregiver — the following resources are available now to provide valuable help to you or anyone else playing a supportive role in the life of a young person struggling with substance use and addiction:

The Helpline

The Helpline connects you directly with a trained and caring specialist ready to listen, help you find answers and create an action plan to help your loved one, with support available in English and Spanish.

You can connect with the Helpline in any of the following ways:

Helpline Specialists will listen to your story — the challenges, setbacks, obstacles and difficult emotions that go along with a loved one’s substance use. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and each family is unique.Our specialists will propose a personalized course of action, offering the best tools and resources to help you help your child, yourself and your family.

All communications are confidential and services provided free of charge (with the exception of any messaging or data rates accrued via text message).

Visit for more information on the Helpline including hours of operation.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is a unique peer-to-peer program, by which a parent seeking help for their child’s substance use issues is paired with another specially-trained parent volunteer who has also traveled the path of dealing with a child’s substance use and addiction. By speaking with someone who has “been there” and walked in their shoes, parents can learn how to stay connected to their loved one and get the support and encouragement they need and deserve.

Visit to learn more about Parent Coaching.

Help & Hope by Text

Help & Hope by Text is a way to receive customized mobile messages that provide personalized, ongoing support and relevant resources for families struggling with heroin and other opioids. Parents and caregivers who are concerned about their son’s or daughter’s opioid use can sign up to receive text messages — informed by parents who have been there themselves — containing evidence-based resources, tips, skills, support and hope. Parents can also text “CHAT” to connect with a Helpline Specialist at any time, if and when they’re ready.

To sign up:

  • Visit or text JOIN to 55753.
  • Answer a quick series of questions about your child and his or her substance use in order to help customize the messages you’ll receive.
  • Receive messages with information, support and hope specific to your family’s needs.
  • Text CHAT at any time to speak directly with a Helpline Specialist.

To learn more about what resources our combined organization offers, visit and explore

We look forward to continuing to empower families as we further integrate our programs and services and transform how our nation addresses addiction.


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