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Substance Use

A Family Therapist Weighs In: What to Say if You Discover Your Child is Using Drugs

Parents who know or suspect their child is using drugs or alcohol are often at a loss for what to do next. Do you take a hard-lined punitive approach? Confront your child? Approach your child as you would a friend?

Molly Bobek, a Senior Research Associate here at Center on Addiction and a licensed therapist who specializes in family therapy, provides some suggestions for what parents can do when it comes to this difficult situation and explains her approach to helping families concerned about their teen’s substance use. 

An At-Risk Population: Borderline Personality Disorder and Substance Use

For those diagnosed with both borderline personality disorder (BPD) and a substance use disorder, finding the right kind of treatment can be difficult. As a counselor at a rehabilitation center, a jail and a halfway house for the mentally ill, I experienced first-hand the gaps that exist in providing sufficient care to people with these two commonly co-occurring problems.

A Broken Promise: Why the ACA May Not Improve Access to Effective Addiction Treatment

Lack of health insurance coverage for addiction treatment is a dangerous reality for many individuals across the nation. Our recent review of the 2017 EHB benchmark plans, which establish the minimum level of coverage for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans sold in each state, reveals that the ACA’s promise of greatly expanding access to addiction treatment through health insurance coverage is not being met. 

Alternatives to Prison as a Solution to Mass Incarceration: An Interview with Michael Skolnik

We had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Skolnik, an entrepreneur, civil rights activist, storyteller and motivational speaker, to discuss his advocacy efforts regarding alternatives to incarceration for people with addiction. In the past, Michael spent much of his career creating films in prisons, with a focus on juveniles in detention centers across the country. He became interested in addiction after seeing it in his family members. 

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