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Review of 2017 ACA Plans 

Center on Addiction is conducting a follow-up study to the organization’s 2016 Uncovering Coverage Gaps: A Review of Addiction Benefits in ACA Plans report. The review will look at two of the health plans offered on each state’s marketplace in 2017 to evaluate whether those plans are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement to cover substance use disorder benefits. This report, which will be released in 2017, will also look at the adequacy of coverage of evidence-based treatment for addiction.   

Childhood Unintentional Poisoning from Addictive Substances  

The National Center on Addiction and Substance is writing a report that examines unintentional poisonings and exposures from nicotine, alcohol and other addictive drugs that occur during childhood, specifically among children aged 5 and younger. The goal of this paper is to highlight a significant but frequently overlooked risk of substance use and addiction, which is that they increase the availability of potentially toxic substances to young children who may inadvertently handle or ingest these products in the homes of adolescent or adult users. Based on the findings, we will formulate and broadly disseminate concrete recommendations for families, health care providers, educators, and policymakers to help protect young children from such accidental exposures and poisonings.

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