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U.S. Senator Cory Booker is working to end mass incarceration and promoting alternatives to incarceration for people with addiction. With two terms as “Supermayor” of Newark, New Jersey, Sen. Booker has a wealth of experience investing in fighting crime and reducing poverty for a city with a reputation for criminal activity, corruption and drug use. He provides some important insights from his real life experiences. 

Recently, news organizations and social media channels have increased exposure of devastating images of addiction, especially photos and videos of people overdosing or near-death, sometimes with their children nearby. In several cases, community leaders and first responders posted or shared these pictures and videos, believing that public exposure to these images will help address the problem

As we continue to read and hear dire stories about the heroin epidemic, new and more dangerous opioids seem to be emerging at a rapid pace. Another narcotic that is now a part of this epidemic is called carfentanil. Though it is sold mixed into – or “cut” with – heroin and other drugs, carfentanil is so potent that even the smallest dose can cause an overdose and death.

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