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History - About Us

  • 2013

    Family Day Expands

    Family Day's mission expands to include all types of parental engagement as simple, yet powerful tools to help kids grow up healthy and substance free.  

  • 2014

    New President and CEO

    Samuel A. Ball, Ph.D. becomes President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center.

  • 2015

    Partnership with Yale

    The Center announces a new strategic partnership with Yale School of Medicine and Public Health. Based in New Haven and led by President and CEO Samuel A. Ball, Ph.D., the center-of-excellence connects experts on substance abuse research, public policy and education. The new research and policy initiative supports new and existing faculty positions at Yale in psychiatry and public health, with a focus on neuroscience, clinical trials, health care policy, biostatistics and other areas of medicine. 

  • 2017

    New Co-Chairs

    James G. Niven and Joseph J. Plumeri elected Co-Chairs

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