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As many people across the U.S. continue to struggle with opioid addiction, several lifesaving medicines remain out of reach because of their cost or availability. In 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Vivitrol – a once-per-month injection that blocks the effects of opioids and reduces cravings. Vivitrol is an injectable form of the medication naltrexone, which is taken orally several times per week, and has been used to treat opioid addiction for over 20 years. 

Welcome to Five Minutes With, where we take a few moments to get to know the staff at The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. Today we’d like to introduce Ilana Pinsky, PhD, Research Scientist.

Nearly three decades after the federal government first banned funding for needle exchange programs, Congress has decided to change course. In December 2015, a congressional budget deal was approved and signed by President Obama to fund most core aspects of needle exchange programs.

Since there are many myths related to hookah, we were excited to hear Scott E. Sherman, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Population Health, Medicine and Psychiatry from NYU School of Medicine present at our Addiction Speaker Series. He discussed his latest research on hookah and the growing epidemic of waterpipe tobacco use. We spoke to him to find out some more important facts in this very interesting area of study. 

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